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Meet Alta, the Newest PCoIP Zero Client

Posted by Teradici on November 15, 2016

Customers love PCoIP Zero Clients because of their simple installation, ease of management and rock-solid security. With no operating system on board and no local storage, Zero Clients are secure, hardware-based endpoints that are unmatched by any other class of device.

At the same time, the world of work is changing. Mobile computing is on the rise and the demands of computing workloads are shifting to new use cases. For some customers, today’s Zero Clients haven’t been able to meet all of their needs. 



Introducing Alta PCoIP Zero Clients...

That’s why we’re excited to announce Alta, the newest branch of the PCoIP Zero Client family. Building on the success of our Tera2 technology – which, with the help of our OEM partners, has already shipped more than 3 million devices – Alta adds exciting new features and capabilities, including:

  Built-in Wi-Fi networking , freeing users from their desks and enabling new mobile use cases, such as hospital campuses and job sites.

 Support for USB 3.0 , to allow Alta PCoIP Zero Clients to be used with the latest high-speed peripherals.

 Support for dual 4K UHD displays , letting users make the most of PCoIP’s lossless image quality and perfect color fidelity.

A completely  new, modernized user interface  that boosts usability and improves workflows.

In designing Alta, we partnered with Socionext, an emerging leader in advanced system-on-chip (SoC) technology for video and imaging systems. This means that as a bonus, Alta is fast ­– the Socionext PXiV chip that powers it can decode PCoIP pixel streams at a rate of up to 250 megapixels per second.

Alta is fast ­– the Socionext PXiV chip that powers it can decode PCoIP pixel streams at a rate of up to 250 megapixels per second

We expect our OEM partners to begin shipping Alta PCoIP Zero Clients alongside their existing Tera2-based Zero Clients early next year, both in traditional Zero Client form factors and as wireless-enabled laptops.

Going forward, however, we see our partnership opening the doors to a whole new range of applications for Zero Client devices, including automotive, digital signage, interactive media, ruggedized devices for industry, and more. The momentum behind Zero Clients and PCoIP technology is only accelerating, and we hope you enjoy the ride.

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