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Teradici PCoIP® Hardware Accelerator:
Enabling Virtual Workstation Solutions

Server-side computing is back in the IT limelight. It’s appearing in different forms and carrying a variety of names — cloud computing, client consolidation infrastructure and hosted virtual desktops and, most commonly, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or now virtual workstations. In essence, all are encouraging the same goal: keeping data and computation in the data center, but making both available from anywhere. VDI or virtual workstation solutions offer enterprises compelling benefits. This whitepaper written by industry analyst Alex Herrera covers graphics acceleration options for VMware Horizon™ (with View) environments to support power users that demand high-performance 3D graphics with pixel perfect rendering and highly responsive screens.



This whitepaper will help you better understand:

  • Best practices for deploying VDI or virtual workstation solutions
  • How to reduce CPU overhead and increase server consolidation ratios
  • The forms of virtual workstation solutions available: Virtual Shared Graphics Acceleration (vSGA) and Virtual Dedicated Graphics Acceleration (vDGA)
  • Why PCoIP Hardware Accelerator is an enabling duo with any GPU, by unlocking it’s true potential

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