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You’ve moved to the cloud – but have you fully leveraged the benefits of your cloud deployment? If your departments are using re-purposed PCs, take the next step and migrate to the latest PCoIP Zero Clients. You’ll increase security, reduce power consumption and maintenance, and earn a trade-in rebate. Learn more about the full client offering from LG at www.lg.com/us.

To take advantage of the Trade-Up & Recycle Program, simply follow the five easy steps below:

  1. Purchase new PCoIP Zero Clients from LG.
  2. Email Proof of Purchase and completed Zero Client Trade-up form to teradici@anythingit.com.
  3. AnythingIT will contact you within 72 hours.
  4. AnythingIT provides the estimated valuation, you approve it, and ship your products.
  5. Once the trade-in products are received and verified, your rebate will be sent.

Safely Recycle Re-purposed PCs, Tera1 PCoIP Zero Clients, and other PC-like devices

Teradici and LG have teamed up with AnythingIT, a leader in IT trade-in and e-waste recycling programs, to offer a comprehensive means of securely managing your outdated IT assets. AnythingIT provides the highest possible trade-in values on legacy equipment in a way that is compliant with all government and environmental regulations.

Teradici and LG are excited to announce that every LG Zero Client shipped after November 30, 2018 includes a three-year subscription to Teradici Desktop Access.

Desktop Access is a subscription plan that includes all the elements administrators need to efficiently manage and maintain their PCoIP Zero Client deployment. The plan includes PCoIP Management Console Enterprise, a centralized software tool that provisions, monitors, and scales PCoIP Zero Client deployments. Desktop Access also includes the latest firmware, security updates and 24 x 7 support from the PCoIP experts at Teradici. The three-year subscription term begins on the invoice date of your PCoIP Zero Clients invoice.

Promotion subject to change. This Trade Up & Recycle program is the sole responsibility of AnythingIT. Teradici claims no responsibility for any issues related to recycling, transportation or non-compliance of trade-in products. Onsite packaging and shipping are optional for an additional fee. Specifications and trade-in values are subject to change without notice. Corporate names and trademarks stated herein are the property of their respective companies. Please contact teradici@anythingit.com for updated trade-in values and full list of products included in the program. Full Terms & Conditions of the recycling rebate from AnythingIT are detailed in a Statement of Work between AnythingIT and the customer, provided by AnythingIT at the start of the valuation process.