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MoE Deployment in Malaysia

Teacher1 IMG_7429 IMG_7551 Girls2

Traditional classroom instruction
and virtual computing labs add
up to a rich learning experience
for Malaysian school children.

Zero client desktops arrive by boat to a remote Malaysian village.

Teradici’s Robert Philkill celebrates with school children at one of the
first Malaysian schools to set up
virtual desktops in a modernized

Modernized classrooms equipped with 25,000 virtual desktops deliver a rich learning experience to happy Malaysian students.

IMG_7485 IMG_75311 Boys_playing IMG_7475

Glimpse of a rural Malaysian schoolhouse. Before…

…and after! A modernized classroom is all set up.

Malaysian school children at play in the courtyard.

Malaysian school children help deliver new zero client desktops to the classroom – and set-up begins!

IMG_7627 IMG_7398 IMG_7641 IMG_7635

Malaysian school children access standardized lesson plans on virtual desktops.

The Malaysia Ministry of Education virtual desktop deployment brings educational parity to thousands of school children at rural schools, overcoming geographical diversity and environmental conditions.

A Malaysian student tackles a self-paced lesson plan.

Malaysian students and teachers have access to high-quality computing and digital education resources that enhance daily lessons and overall learning.