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Migrate your apps and workloads to the Cloud


On February 7, 2017, we announced that the end-of-life process has begun for PCoIP Workstation Access Software. For detailed information, please refer to our customer FAQs, and check out the Technical Support Site (KB#2913) for the key support dates. If you have any further questions, please contact us at sales@teradici.com.

Our strategy has shifted to align with supporting the rapid growth of apps and workloads moving to the cloud. We have a migration option that includes expanded features for data center and cloud deployments. You’ll be able to leverage the same capabilities and rich user experience with our Teradici Cloud Access Software and includes support for:

  • Windows and Linux operating systems
  • any public or private cloud; and
  • data centers
Options based on your deployment approach

Deskside (Physical workstation with local monitors attached)

Teradici Cloud Access Software does not support this use case; however, we have a workaround solution which includes PCoIP Zero Clients as shown:


Data Center/Cloud

Install Teradici Cloud Access Software – Graphics Edition in your data center or on your Microsoft Azure NV-series or Amazon Web Services EC2/G2 instances as shown:


For further technical details, please refer to the Technical Support Site (KB#3085).

Resources to learn more about Cloud Access Software

If you have a deskside deployment, we encourage to reach out to our team at sales@teradici.com for a suitable solution.