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Zero complexity, zero risk, and zero compromise. 

All, courtesy of PCoIP Zero Clients.

Welcome to the world of PCoIP Zero Clients. Now that you’re here, where should you start?  Click on the video below to learn how Zero Clients work and why they’re quickly becoming so popular. You can see our partner companies currently offering Zero Clients, and request to receive more info.

Transmitting pixels, not data, puts nothing at risk.
Discover how Zero Clients deliver the best VDI and DaaS experience.

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pcoip zero client video

What is a PCoIP Zero Client? >>


Using Zero Clients to Maximize the  Benefits of Desktop Virtualization and  DaaS Initiatives >>


Malaysia’s Ministry of Education bridges   digital divide with virtual desktops >>

PCoIP Zero Clients from trusted brands:


   atrust    dell    hp    iocorp

 lg    ncs    samsung    viewsonic    vxl


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