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How to Configure High-Performance Workstations for Remote Learning


The year 2020 has brought many uncertainties, and higher education institutions have had to be nimble in their responses. In an effort to continue their mission to serve students and cope with the new normal, institutions are looking for ways to ensure students continue to learn, no matter where they are located.


Download this guide and learn how to:

  • Meet specialized high performance computing needs
  • Overcome remote learning challenges such as keeping information secure
  • Implement a remote learning solution with your existing infrastructure


Ensure students receive the best remote learning experience with this FREE Guide

Discover how to leverage virtualization technology to provide high-performance computing power with a solid user experience to students anywhere they are, on campus or off

Deliver courses with graphics-intensive requirements

Learn how institutions can effectively simulate animation, VFX or architecture learning environments

Overcome key challenges that come with high performance remote learning environments

Learn how to protect information across multiple locations, avoid costly hardware refreshes, and overcome staffing challenges

Leverage your existing infrastructure to deliver remote workstations

No need to rip everything apart, or change security parameters or licensing