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Report a Vulnerability

If you have found a security vulnerability in Teradici products, please let us know right away.
Our product security team will keep you informed of the progress as we investigate, validate
and fix the issue as soon as possible.

To report a vulnerability, please include as much information as possible to
help us understand the nature of the suspected vulnerability, including:

a description of the vulnerability and how it could be exploited to affect users

a proof of concept or relevant logs/screenshots

any custom configurations, non-default settings that are required to reproduce the issue

which product, version, platform etc. you are using for your test environment

More information regarding the guidelines to respect, can be found in our Disclosure Policy.

Use one of the following secure channels to report your vulnerability

Submit to HackerOne

HackerOne is a vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform that connects businesses with cybersecurity researchers.

Send through email

If the information could be considered sensitive, please encrypt your message using our .

Submit through our form

Fill out the details in the form below.