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PCoIP® Hardware Accelerator

 Helping IT Administrators  improve
VMware Horizon® View performance

Say good-bye to choppy videos or lags using everyday office applications.
PCoIP Hardware Accelerator delivers the ULTIMATE VDI USER EXPERIENCE .


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How does the PCoIP Hardware Accelerator Work?
See how you can improve virtualization performance with Teradici's PCoIP Hardware Accelerator, the only product of its kind. The card can dramatically reduces CPU overhead and efficiently encodes the extra pixels generated by the GPU to deliver higher frames per second to the endpoint...


VDI Performance & Cost Savings with Hardware Accelerator
When a virtualized desktop environment fails to meet expectations, it’s likely due to either poor end user experience or higher than expected TCO, or both. The root cause is often a capacity issue. When server density is maxed out, that’s when you start to see performance problems such as choppy videos and reduced interactivity for applications...

Find out if PCoIP Hardware Accelerator is right for you.
 Download the IT Administrator Starter Kit 

The only product of its kind, the Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator enhances VMware Horizon View performance.

By dynamically offloading the PCoIP encoding tasks for up to 100 of the most active VM displays, the card ensures a better and consistent user experience at all times. The card also reduces server CPU utilization in constrained environments.

What's in the IT Administrator Starter Kit?

    Virtualized Graphics with Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator

    University Delivers 'Wow' VDI User Experience While increasing Server Densities

    Enhance VDI Performance with the Card

    Performance Benefits of PCoIP Hardware Accelerator &
    How is PCoIP Hardware Accelerator different from a GPU?

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