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HP Anyware Trust Center Subscription Registration 


Have you recently purchased a new Trusted Zero Client? 

HP and its manufacturing partners are excited to announce that each Trusted Zero Client shipped after July 27, 2023 includes a one-year subscription to HP Anyware Trust Center. Please take a moment to tell us about your Trusted Zero Client purchase by completing the application form below and attaching your proof of purchase. Once reviewed and approved, HP will issue your organization a download link to a one-year subscription to HP Anyware Trust Center. You can then choose to extend your Anyware Trust Center subscription for more comprehensive support. For new HP Anyware customers, HP will also create a service account to allow download of the Anyware Trust Center.

HP Anyware Trust Center 

The Anyware Trust Center is a zero trust policy engine for digital workspaces to help IT integrate a zero trust architecture into their endpoint management strategy. Interfacing with endpoint management tools, the Anyware Trust Center ensures trusted endpoints and components adhere to set security policies by providing real-time responses to policy incidents and endpoint usage monitoring.

Learn more at teradici.com/products/hp-anyware-trust-center

Terms and conditions 

  1. To be eligible, the original proof of purchase from an authorized reseller must be attached to this application. HP reserves the right to accept or reject the proof of purchase.
  2. Included one-year HP Anyware Trust Center subscription is applicable to purchases of new Trusted Zero Clients made after July 27, 2023.
  3. The one-year Anyware Trust Center subscription term begins on the invoice date of your Trusted Zero Clients invoice.



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