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How Today’s Workforce Trends Are Shaping GPU Accelerated Workflows


Don’t miss this session with experts from NVIDIA and Teradici as we discuss how hybrid work arrangements, remote visualization and collaboration are influencing GPU-accelerated computing needs. These trends are driving fascinating innovations in industries that seek to create interactive and multidimensional experiences like gaming, visual effects, and even immersive design experiences in architecture, engineering, and construction. 

Technology plays a key role in enabling teams to work effectively from anywhere and is having a lasting impact on design workflows. There’s an ever-increasing expectation for accuracy and realism, whether it be a photorealistic visualization of a building complex or a precision structural design simulation.

Learn how accelerated computing and remote visualization are bringing tremendous value to organizations as they reinvent their businesses. We’ll cover use cases in post-production visual effects and photo-realistic visualizations in architectural design and then provide a deeper dive into workload examples and performance data.

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