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Rethinking the Workplace for the Future

Perspectives from Teradici staff showcase how there is no one-size-fits-all approach. See what Teradici thinks will change, or already has, when it comes to the rapidly transforming concept of the workplace!

Hear unique perspectives from Teradici employees

The time we’ve spent working remotely has allowed us to reflect on our preferences and what our ideal working model will look like going forward. Having this flexibility, as well as the experience of working both in the office and remotely, will help us create a unique working model that is best suited for our roles and daily routines, helping us to maximize our productivity regardless of where we are working.

— Jaclyn Wierenga
Senior Manager, Human Resources

Find out more about:

What purpose the
workplace serves

Employees’ workplace preferences

Tips for workplace enhancements

The changing role of IT and corporate culture

Migrating to the
public cloud