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Bringing the PCoIP Experience to Azure

Posted by Teradici on August 4, 2016


In July, we hinted that there would be big things happening at this year’s SIGGRAPH, thanks to our partnership with Microsoft. At the conference, we showed off accelerated graphics applications – including Autodesk Maya – running on Microsoft Azure, leveraging the new N-Series virtual machines, delivered via Teradici PCoIP Technology.

Our show highlights include longtime Teradici customers from all the major studios who stopped by to see what’s new and were wowed by our live demos running from Azure. They had the opportunity to try out Nuke with a Wacom tablet as well as Autodesk Maya from a PCoIP zero client. Customers were excited to learn that they could leverage their existing zero clients to connect to the Azure cloud. And Teradici CTO Randy Groves presented two informative sessions in the Microsoft Theater – Bringing the PCoIP Experience to Azure and Revolutionize Workflow and Collaboration for Large Compute and Rendering Projects.

GPUs in Azure: Now in Technical Preview

Today, Microsoft announced that select customers will now have access to the new Azure N-Series GPU instances in a technical preview, with general availability expected later in the year. You can read Microsoft’s full announcement here.

When the N-Series VMs go public, you’ll have two types of instances on which to run your GPU-accelerated workloads – NC-series for compute and NV-series for visualization. Combined with PCoIP Technology, the latter enables a true workstation in the cloud experience on NVIDIA M60 GPUs.  

Based on what we are hearing from customers, these VM options will deliver more than enough “oomph” to run even the most graphically intensive applications on the Azure cloud, including creative tools from the likes of Adobe and Autodesk.

We are excited to have Teradici as a release partner for our Azure N-Series VMs.” said Corey Sanders, Partner Director of Azure Compute at Microsoft. “With the preview release of our GPU hardware in Azure, optimized specifically for visualization applications, customers using Teradici’s cutting edge PCoIP technology on Azure will be able to access the bleeding edge of performance for accelerated desktop applications in the cloud.”

We couldn’t agree more. At Teradici, we think that leveraging the cloud for remote visualization will bring greater flexibility, agility, and open up new use cases for businesses. We’ll keep innovating PCoIP to ensure it remains the industry’s leading protocol for bringing your most demanding workload to the cloud, and we look forward to continuing to work with Microsoft to ensure customers running their applications on Azure benefit from an user experience that is second to none.

Watch this video to learn more about our PCoIP technology and use cases for N-Series. 

Leveraging NVIDIA GPUs in Azure

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