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10ZiG Technology Launches Advanced PCoIP Zero Clients

Posted by Mabel Louie on August 31, 2016

10ZiG Technology also had big news this year at VMworld 2016. While Teradici is here celebrating our 3 millionth PCoIP Zero Client, 10ZiG is launching two new advanced dual screen PCoIP Zero Clients. 10ZiG is debuting two new PCoIP Zero Clients with DP (DisplayPort) and DVI (Digital Video Interface) video ports.

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The Celebrations Continue at VMworld 2016 in Vegas

Posted by Teradici on August 31, 2016

This week, we’ve been celebrating a major milestone - 3 million PCoIP Zero Clients - at vmworld with daily contests open to all and with a grand prize that gives everyone a chance to win a drone!

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Teradici Celebrates 3 Million Zero Clients

Posted by Teradici on August 23, 2016

How many people don’t need to save time? It takes roughly 5 minutes to set up a PCoIP Zero Client with the PCoIP Management Console. Imagine the time and cost savings across a whole IT deployment? 

When it comes to replacing complex and expensive desktops with simple-to-deploy, cost-effective, ultra-secure and easy-to-maintain PCoIP Zero Clients, the numbers speak for themselves. And those numbers have reached a new milestone. 

Today we celebrate 3 million PCoIP Zero Clients shipped!

Topics: Zero Client, vmworld, PCoIP, Management Console

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