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HP Unveils New t310 Zero Client

Posted by Teradici on July 5, 2017


Today, HP announced the sleek new t310 PCoIP® Zero Client featuring all the security you’ve come to expect from Teradici’s PCoIP protocol in a streamlined new design. Read on to learn more about the newest zero client...

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HPE LoadRunner Now Supports PCoIP Protocol

Posted by Teradici on June 17, 2016

HPE LoadRunner now includes support for Teradici's PCoIP protocol, allowing you to load test your cloud or on-premise virtual deployment prior to going live or to load test patches and changes before rolling them out to the entire system.

HPE LoadRunner is a software testing tool provided from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, used to test applications and to measure system behavior and performance under load. Using LoadRunner, you can get an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance to identify and resolve issues before applications go live. LoadRunner software provides system performance information for more than 50 application technologies and protocols, and now, thanks to the partnership between Teradici and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, you can now ensure your company’s remote desktop environments are ready for production workloads. 

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HP Unveils New High Performance Quad-Display Zero Client

Posted by Teradici on June 3, 2016

PCoIP Zero Clients
 provide the easiest to manage, most secure and highest performance user experience, from task and office workers to power users. Many of the top equipment manufacturers have embedded PCoIP processors into their end-point, zero client hardware. 

With the single purpose of image decompression and decoding, the PCoIP processor eliminates endpoint hard drives, graphic processors, operating systems, applications and security software. The list of PCoIP Zero Clients is always expanding, with the new HP t310 Quad-Display Zero Client the latest addition. 

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