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Close Up with Cloud Access Software and Google Cloud

Posted by Teradici on November 20, 2018

Growing and maintaining your business’ infrastructure often means dealing with a waterfall of issues such as rising real estate costs, IT management complexity, disaster recovery, and the security of intellectual property, apps, and data. Not to mention access to data anytime, anywhere by employees offsite, perhaps even globally. Sound familiar?


So with excitement, we were proud to announce the availability of Cloud Access Software in the Google Cloud Marketplace this past summer. The excitement not only stems from the solution’s ability to address all the above issues, but also how Google Cloud Marketplace makes it easy and accessible to try.

If you are currently a Google Cloud customer or prefer deploying on Google Cloud, here are a few ways to experience Cloud Access Software:

1) Try via the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

The cost of Cloud Access Software is $0.50/hour and is bundled with Google Cloud consumption billing for simplicity. There is no time commitment for using and is packaged for quick and easy provisioning. This is a good option for trying Cloud Access Software, whether it be for knowledge workers or power users requiring graphics-intensive applications. Cloud Access Software supports Windows and Linux applications running on Google Cloud, utilizing the latest NVIDIA Tesla P4 and P100 instances – delivering a highly-responsive user experience.

Find Cloud Access Software on Google Cloud Marketplace

2)  Try via Teradici.com

Our e-store operates 24/7 and sells Cloud Access Software with a minimum one-year license. Aside from supporting Google Cloud, this option also offers the flexibility of trialing the software with other cloud providers like AWS or Microsoft Azure. Aside from public clouds, Cloud Access Software can also be used as a secure remoting solution for private data centers and hybrid environments.

If you’re interested in volume prices or 20% off three-year licenses, make sure to contact a Teradici reseller for the best prices available.

Cloud Access Software in the Teradici Online Store

3) Stay up to date with Teradici Events

Demonstrations of Cloud Access Software take part throughout the year – many of which are one-on-one. Bookmark our upcoming events page to look out for events near you. Meanwhile, check out recaps from SIGGRAPH 2018 and the FMX conference that show its array of capabilities.


In October, we partnered with Google at their NEXT event in London enabling Google Cloud’s Zync Render to show off speed and image fidelity from a virtual workstation hosted in Google Cloud Platform.

Google Next Andrew customers


Most recently, we  were at the Google Cloud and Image in Network event on November 15th in Paris

As the recipient of the Google Cloud Partner Award for Innovative Solution in Media & Entertainment, we are committed to providing a solution that companies can leverage to support their need to grow and future-proof their business.

Read about Cloud Access Software.

Read about customer success with Cloud Access Software.


Try Cloud Access Software FREE for 60 Days




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