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Moving CAD Workstations to the Cloud

Posted by Teradici on October 30, 2017


Alex Herrera, author at CAD technology magazine Cadalyst highlights key aspects to consider when moving virtual CAD workstations to the cloud.

In a recent article posted on Cadalyst, Jon Peddie Research senior analyst, author and technology consultant Alex Herrera shares his insight on achieving the best user experience for moving CAD workstations into a cloud environment.

“The infrastructure between the client and the cloud can make or break the user experience.”

Harnessing the Cloud for CAD: The Case for Virtual Workstations, Part 4” explores whether latency is more important than bandwidth, what protocols perform better under certain network conditions, and client requirements to consider.


“Simpler codecs such as H.264 (and derivatives like Vmware’s Blast) often find more favor on the LAN, which is more forgiving with respect to both performance and security rather than complex visual desktops combining text, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and synthetic 2D and 3D graphics streamed across an inherently less secure — and far less capable and predictable — WAN connection. Given that a cloud-hosting environment is by definition a WAN-accessed environment, extra care should be taken in considering the combination of network and protocols that the environment will rely on.”

In this 4th installment of the series, Herrera explores PCoIP technology as a solution to dramatically simplify IT complexity and one that works with the cloud to offer virtualized workstations.

Read the full article here.

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