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Teradici Joins Azure Big Compute Team Onstage At Build 2016

April 13, 2016

*UPDATE: Teradici and Microsoft Azure to turn heads at SIGGRAPH 2016! 

MIcrosoft Build 2016Teradici’s CTO, Randy Groves, just stepped onto the stage with Karan Batta, Program Manager on the Big Compute team for Azure, at this year’s Microsoft Build 2016 Conference and gave a live demo of Teradici’s PCoIP Workstation Access Software running Adobe Premiere and Unigine Heaven on Microsoft Azure. Randy showed how Teradici enables high-performance applications to work from the Cloud with the same rich end-user experience users have come to expect from locally-installed applications.

If you missed the live presentation, you can watch the recording here.


Live Demo at Microsoft Build 2016

Teradici & Azure Demonstrate Cloud-Hosted CAD/CAM Apps
The Technical Stuff

Randy accessed his demo using Karan’s Windows laptop running the Teradici PCoIP client, connecting over the network using the Teradici PCoIP protocol. The host is a Windows Server 2016 on Azure, complete with NVIDIA M60 GPU resources. We have seamless access to the NVIDIA Grid 2.0 software which is integrated into the Azure vGPU instances. We ran Adobe Premiere and Unigine Heaven to demonstrate the performance possibilities for graphically-demanding applications. 

“We’re excited about the new GPU capability that we’re developing in Azure, and to share some of the work we’ve been doing with partners like Teradici to provide customers with an incredible experience of graphically intense applications from the cloud.” 

Karan Batta, Program Manager, Azure 

What The Demo Achieved

Using GPU-intensive applications from the cloud provides numerous benefits. First is maintaining the security of sensitive designs and content in a centralized location. Second is the flexibility of accessing those designs and content from any device, anywhere. And third is the increased productivity of not shipping around large files to the user of the application. Having the application co-resident with the large content files in the cloud and just sending the pixels of the application is much quicker and more efficient than having the application located on the user’s device and shipping the large files to them.

The demo showcased the performance capabilities that come from our PCoIP technology, which uses different codecs depending on the content being displayed. We demonstrated high image quality, visual effects, and video content, with high contrast and clarity, all delivered over a network connection.

When running a 3D model in AutoCAD, we’re able to supply high image quality combined with the efficient build-to-lossless feature, which works even under constrained network conditions. As part of the Azure GPU offering, the NVIDIA GRID software enables a much richer and more realistic rendering of the design being demonstrated. And it all happens automatically because the Teradici PCoIP Workstation Access Software is optimized for NVIDIA GRID. 

Adobe Premiere Running Over PCoIPNow onto our Adobe Premiere video editing demo. This is another scenario where the files can be large, in the Terabytes for long features, and often has a lot of collaborators and reviewers in numerous places. So, being able to co-locate these large video files with the video editor application simplifies the logistics of dealing with these large files without requiring everyone to be in the same location. By bringing the editing applications to the data in the Cloud, you can completely modernize the workflow. PCoIP transmits ‘only pixels’ from the host to the end point, allowing for optimal security because all your content stays secured in the cloud.

Video editing functions including visual effects and the output media rendering are accelerated when a GPU is available. PCoIP delivers a fundamentally better and color accurate image for uncompressed video content. This is why it is the gold standard in M&E.

Watch the full presentation: 


The Teradici PCoIP Workstation Access software is available now and you can take it for a test drive, free for 30 days!

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UPDATE:  Please note that PCoIP Workstation Access Software is now end-of-lifed, but if you're looking to deliver graphics-intensive applications form the cloud, then Teradici Cloud Access Software could be for you! 
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Teradici’s PCoIP Workstation Access Software will be available in the Azure Marketplace at the launch of the N-Series GPU instances on Azure.  


Mabel Louie