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What is a Zero Client?

March 24, 2022

By: Mark Kempf, Vice President, CP Technologies


Data is the world’s most valuable resource, and in order to protect all of that data, the cybersecurity market has boomed to over $200 billion and is projected to hit almost $350 billion by 2026. CP Technologies serves many customers in the military, financial and healthcare space, industries where data protection is paramount. The military is a trend setter for the most advanced security solutions on the market. In recent years, we have seen a huge increase in the use of zero clients, a highly secure and cost-effective solution that, according to global forecasts from DATAINTELO, will enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 6-8% to 2028.


Defining a Zero Client

A zero client is an end-user device used to connect to a virtual desktop with a centralized computing infrastructure. Essentially, it’s a workspace that mirrors a computer stored elsewhere, without ever accessing or storing any data. The idea is not new, in fact the idea has been around since the late 90’s. You might be familiar with 90’s mainframe computers. Modern zero-clients are essentially a more sophisticated version of the same concept.


Zero clients provide an advanced level of security in a very cost-effective manner. Data accessed on a zero client has no risk of being exposed. No data is stored on the device, no data is ever at rest on the device, and therefore there is nothing to exploit. A company using zero clients will have one computer that stores data, and all resources can go into securing one machine, versus an entire network. Zero-clients are approximately the same cost as a laptop and virtually eliminate the risk of a costly data breach associated with that machine.


Important Cutting-edge Technology for Data Security

Think of a hospital where mobile workstations are utilized everywhere. Doctors and nurses are running from patient to patient and need quick and easy access to data. If they are using zero clients, the workstations are not hackable. Even if a nurse leaves the workstation unattended, there is no data to access. This is because the workstation is pulling from a central computer that can be locked, monitored, and protected.


Zero client technology is currently incorporated into the design and development of the next-gen presidential helicopter, Marine One, VH-92A. This example spotlights how even though the concept isn’t new, it’s one of the most important and cutting-edge technologies for data security. The ongoing pandemic has helped propel this technology forward, and the military has been one of its greatest champions and key to its rising usage in vulnerable industries.


CP Technologies’ Zero Client Portfolio

CP Technologies partners with best-of-breed companies like Teradici, an HP company, to bring commercial and ruggedized options for zero client workstations in tablet and laptop formats to market. Teradici’s proprietary PC-over-IP (PCoIP®) chipset delivers a highly user-friendly and secure computing experience, while CP Technologies provides the hardware, ruggedized components and an IEEE- 802.3at Power over Ethernet connection to ensure further security.  CP Technologies also works with Teradici to provide advanced personnel training and certification. CP Technologies is working with customers in the military, financial services and healthcare industry to deliver the most advanced, customized zero-client workstations.  

To learn more about zero clients, visit https://cp-techusa.com/zero-thin-clients/ or contact us at https://cp-techusa.com/contact-us/.


Mark Kempf