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Celebrating One Year at HP with New HP Anyware Features

October 14, 2022
HP Teradici

HP Teradici is the inventor of the PCoIP remote display protocol and develops the Engineering Emmy-Award-winning HP Anyware (formerly Teradici CAS) to deliver the best virtual and remote desktop experience in the world.

Time has flown by since HP completed the acquisition of Teradici just one year ago. Our flagship product, Teradici CAS, combined with ZCentral Remote Boost features, is now HP Anyware, and we’ve been hard at work developing new capabilities, like collaboration, Macs powered by M1 chips, and launching the Anyware brand.

Just like Teradici CAS, HP Anyware leverages PCoIP® technology to stream highly interactive desktop displays between virtually any host and end-user device without any data ever leaving the safety of your network. Now as part of HP, we’re continuing to invest in Anyware so it can continue to be the solution IT teams rely on to keep people productive with secure access to their digital workspaces from virtually anywhere they want to work.

New features with HP Anyware

With our latest 22.09 software release, you can experience a refreshed look and feel with our new UI, and we’ve added some cool capabilities to the collaboration feature to help teams increase productivity and feel like they’re working together in-person. Check them out in this video:


Collaborate wherever you are

Our July release introduced the first version of HP Anyware collaboration for Windows, Linux and macOS. Users could send invite links to others to join a live PCoIP session, and both the primary and secondary user could experience the same high level of performance, including color accuracy and text clarity. And now we’ve launched collaborator edit control for more than one user during a collaboration session, including mouse and keyboard takeover.

HP Anyware allows people to stay connected anywhere there’s internet connectivity, from almost any device, no matter what the project. The person you’re collaborating with doesn’t event need to be an Anyware user; all they need is the invite link and a browser to join the session and share control.

With PCoIP collaboration, even with large 3D models, drawings, video streaming and editing, both users in a collaborative session can have a great experience. Data is handled on the internal corporate network that has powerful graphics processing capabilities and more security. The designs and videos don’t need to be replicated on the endpoint device.

Since only the image pixels, not raw data, are transmitted, the network on the client side doesn't have to do the heavy lifting for graphics. Users can view any type of data with almost perfect color accuracy and text clarity, without dropping frames or encountering distortions.

Anyware for ZCentral Remote Boost and ZCentral Connect users

As we detailed above, HP Anyware (formerly Teradici CAS) continues to add more collaboration features of ZCentral Remote Boost and, over time, we’ll be adding more ZCentral Remote Boost and ZCentral Connect capabilities.

To ensure you get the best of both and continued software support, purchase the HP Teradici single subscription to get access to HP Anyware as well as ZCentral Remote Boost and ZCentral Connect for a limited time.

ZCentral Remote Boost will no longer be included on Z Workstations as of December 2022. For more information, check out this FAQ.

More exciting features to come

In early 2023, look forward to new health and performance analytics that will give you access to key information about the health of the connection and performance metrics for power-user workflows. Users will be able to monitor and analyze frame rates and the amount of bandwidth used during instances.

We’re also working on new security features, UI improvements, and even more functionality to the collaboration feature, so stay tuned. Sign up for updates, and you can find answers to some frequently asked questions about HP Anyware from our product management team.

Get HP Anyware today

Contact our sales team to talk about using HP Anyware in your environment. Check out the new case studies to learn how leading design firms and a broadcaster have implemented HP Anyware into their workflows, and the HP Anyware page on HP.com for more information.

For our existing customers, you can always access early betas to experience the latest upcoming features!

HP Teradici

HP Teradici is the inventor of the PCoIP remote display protocol and develops the Engineering Emmy-Award-winning HP Anyware (formerly Teradici CAS) to deliver the best virtual and remote desktop experience in the world.